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How much cake will I need?

Posted 8/22/2018

So you have found the cake of your dreams but how many people does it actually feed? Are you going to need a cake that size or maybe you might need something even bigger?

I've put together a little chart to make it easier to decide on what size cake you will need for the amount of people at your event.

Cake Sizes and Servings Chart

Cake size Dessert serves Wedding serves
4" round 6 6
6" round 8 14
8" round 14 25
10" round 21 38
12" round 28 56
14" round 41 76







The difference between dessert and wedding serves is simply their size. 

When you are serving your cake as the main dessert at your event we calculate a 2"x2" serve per person.

But if your cake for example is part of a dessert buffet or even served after dessert, some people are likely to either decline a slice of cake or only have a little bit. That's what we call a wedding serve and is calculated as 1"x2" in size per person.

I'm happy to help you work out the perfect size cake for your event and adjust the design accordingly so you can still have your dream cake.

Send me an email today, I'm looking forward to hearing from you!