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How much cake will I need?

Posted 8/22/2018

So you have found the cake of your dreams but how many people does it actually feed? Are you going to need a cake that size or maybe you might need something even bigger?

I've put together a little chart to make it easier to decide on what size cake you will need for the amount of people at your event.

Cake Sizes and Servings Chart

Cake size Dessert serves Wedding serves
4" round 6 6
6" round 8 14
8" round 14 25
10" round 21 38
12" round 28 56
14" round 41 76







The difference between dessert and wedding serves is simply their size. 

When you are serving your cake as the main dessert at your event we calculate a 2"x2" serve per person.

But if your cake for example is part of a dessert buffet or even served after dessert, some people are likely to either decline a slice of cake or only have a little bit. That's what we call a wedding serve and is calculated as 1"x2" in size per person.

I'm happy to help you work out the perfect size cake for your event and adjust the design accordingly so you can still have your dream cake.

Send me an email today, I'm looking forward to hearing from you!



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Exciting new Cake-Mail

Posted 8/21/2018

Exciting things are happening here at Cakes Of Eden 
Lately I have been getting more inquiries about wedding cake tastings but since I'm running my cake business from home thats a little tricky. So I decided to do a Cake Tasting Box that can either be picked up or posted out. 

The boxes will contain 5 delicious flavours of cake for you to try and cost $20 pick-up or $25 with postage. They will be posted via overnight courier and be ready to go out in early September. 

There will be an early bird special in my next newsletter. You can sign up here:

Limited number availabe, you won't want to miss out!

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Heilala Vanilla

Posted 8/21/2018
Heilala VanillaHeilala VanillaDelicious cake always starts with good quality ingredients! 
Did you know that I only use Heilala Vanilla in my cakes and fillings? 
It's not only an amazing product, it's also a local company right here in Tauranga that has been working with vanilla farmers in Tonga for 15 years. When you purchase Heilala Vanilla products you are supporting more than 14 villages and communities.

Heilala Vanilla began as an aid project after a cyclone 
A vanilla plantation was established by a New Zealand family, in partnership with a local family from the village of Utungake in Vava’u, Kingdom of Tonga.
This has had a significant impact on the Tongan economy providing employment and infrastructure across a number of communities.
In 2013, the Heilala Vanilla Foundation was established to ensure the ongoing sustainability of their unique partnership with the community in Tonga. The Foundation is a registered charitable trust with the NZ Charities Commission and each year selects a project to benefit the people of Vava’u.
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10 Tips to help you get the wedding cake of your dreams

Posted 5/23/2018

1. Figure out your style

Your cake doesn't have to be traditional white Fondant, anything goes these day. When deciding on a style of cake take all the other elements from your wedding into consideration. For example if you are having the reception in a rustic country barn, you probably don't want to go for a grand 4 tier fondant covered cake. Its  all about showcasing your personality and your own style. so 

2. Provide details

Helpful info includes guest count, what kind of setting the cake will be in (beach wedding, garden, marquee, indoors) and if there are any "must-haves" like a cake topper or specific design elements you fell in love with., 

Set a budget and be upfront about this with your baker, that will make the design process much smoother for both parties.

3. Be open minded

When you're going to a consultation, make sure to bring along not just pictures of cakes you like but also anything else that may influence your style. Like your colour pallet, pictures of florals you are drawn to, photos of the venue, a pintrest board you created or whatever else you might think of.

Try to be open minded and let your baker take all the things you love into account and let her design your very own edible piece of art, instead of copying someone elses.

4. Know where (and where not) to cut

Wedding cakes can cost anywhere from $300 to $1000+

The more intricate the cake the bigger the hit on your bank account. If you are watching your pennies, cut down on the sugar work. Fondant covered cakes are generally more expensive than buttercream or naked cakes and sugar flowers take up a great amount of time to craft, which your baker will have to charge for.

To still achieve the look of your dreams you could opt for fresh flowers instead, seasonal fruit as decorations or go for a smaller cake, served together with cupcakes which can double up as dessert.

5. Taste test

Gone are the days where fruit cakes are the go to choice. Trends are also heading away from boring old chocolate or vanilla, people are getting more adventurous when it comes to cake flavours and choosing to fancy it up a little for their big day. Don't choose a "save" flavour just because you think everyone will like it, remember this is your big day and your cake, choose something you love to eat. Your cake should be both beautiful and delicious. 

6. Find your favourite baker

Make sure to shop around to find a baker that suits your style and budget. Social media is making it easier and easier to scope out your local bakers work ahead of time but wedding fairs are also great to meet the people behind the scenes and to get an overall feel of a certain bakery.

7. Get in early

Once you have decided on a bakery, make sure to book your wedding cake as soon as you can. Even if you haven't decided on all the details yet, it is best to be in their diary and your spot is secured. Especially if you are getting married close to a holiday or during the month of high wedding season, many small boutique bakeries will get booked up quite quickly on those dates.

8. Work out delivery details

With all the time and effort you have put in to deciding exactly how your cake is going to look, make sure your cake arrives at the venue in one piece. Most cake designers and bakeries prefer to deliver the cake themselves. Paying the extra delivery fee is certainly worth the peace of mind in my opinion. Plus some complex cake designs actually require assembling at the venue to guarantee your cake arrives at the reception in top form.

9. Schedule a time to cut it

Make sure to plan ahead of time when exactly your cake is going to be cut and let your photographer know. If cake is served as dessert you will want to cut it after your meal, some couples prefer to cut it when they first arrive at the venue when all eyes are still on them, or in some places it is tradition to cut it just before the end of the reception. 

10. Eat a piece of your own cake

This one seems obvious, but you would be surprised how many couples simply don't get a chance to eat their own cake. You put a lot of time and thought into every detail so make sure to take a minute to sit down and actually enjoy a slice. If you are simply too excited, busy or full from dinner to have some, make sure to ask your caterer to save you a couple of pieces for you and your new spouse to enjoy the next day. 


Happy Caking!


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